With the exception, if you have book our daily trip named 2. Fishing with traditional tools then you do not need because you are here in the role of an observer in a vessel that performs commercial fishing (professional) and Captain has all the necessary documentation and authorizations for this type of fishing.
In reality, we adapt to our guests, but the most important decisions are made by the Captain who is responsible for people and boat.
First of all, the most important thing is to arrange a trip in accordance with the weather and sea conditions. Last decision is always made by Captain. If the weather is stable then there are no restrictions.
The combinations are different, but we always have squid, sardines, octopus, shrimp and possibly mussels. It's all a matter of agreement, your wishes and the type of fishing.
Of course you can use your own fishing equipment for recreational/sport fishing in accordance with the law and regulations for fishing at sea.
Yes, there is the possibility of preparing a vegetarian or vegan meal, as well as a children's menu according to the agreement and wishes of all guests.
Unfortunately, this is not an option. Captain`s boat is a working capital and an asset registered for economic purposes and is not for another type of free lease like regullar rent-a-boat service.